Write Lisp in C++

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For a long time I’ve been struggling to try to write my C++ code more elegant (in the Lisp’s way). Recently, I’ve started a project: LICPP, which is a Lisp flavoured DSL in C++ as a header library for C++ 14 and above.

The purpose of LICPP is Not to create something blazing fast to compete with others in the benchmark, but to provide the minority programmers like me who desire a more flexible C++ programming experience.

With LICPP, codes can be written in a way that all Lisp programmers should feel familiar while being able to utilise all C++ components naturally, for example:

var foo = list(1, 2, 3);
var bar = list("a", "b", "c");
cout << mapcar([](int n, string s){ return s + to_string(n); }, foo, bar) << endl;

=> (a1 . (b2 . (c3 . nil)))

There are many other features and more is coming soon.